Welcome to Gaslight Wholesale Investor Properties

Team Gaslight will search investor homes that make $en$e.

Using our unique formula for $ucce$$, we will select homes for your perusal.

  • We will provide wholesale cost along with forecasted approximate retail value.

  • You will then inspect properties. Prepare your repair list – that will be the only missing ingredient for your recipe to success.

  • Fill in the cost of repairs to ensure your purchase price. We will negotiate for you the cost of repairs and the forecasted retail value.

  • We have customers waiting for a home that has been remodeled.

We offer complete attention and service for our clients, including a minimum of 18 hours per day of phone availability. No, not an answering service – personal answering and personal response.

We have been Real Estate agents & brokers for 59 years. We will always work hard to make you proud and pleased that we have created a professional relationship together.

We provide a professional relationship to all around us – employees and customers. The golden rule prevails here.

Our optimum goal is to please you and yours with expanded results, from the time you arrive at our office until your transaction is complete – and beyond.


Profits For Investors

  • We supply houses with the highest possible retail prices to assist you in multiplying your profits on each home. We supply staff contractors to provide competitive bids for your review.

  • We offer advice and counseling along the way during your rebuild of each home.

  • Our desire is to maximize your profits on each home which converts to banner profits for the year.

We Create Buyers

  • We offer a full credit improvement department that converts non-buyers into class A+ customers.

  • We develop extreme loyalty from our clientele that provides eager buyers of residential homes.

  • Loyalty is important! We create it in our customers.

Loyalty Is Important

  • Loyalty is important in every part of life. We offer service to our retail customers beyond all.

  • Our service builds trust and loyalty that provides a desire and trust that permits a viable purchase of a home from your inventory.

Funding & Financing

  • We have sources for financing homes – Purchasing, Funding, and Retail FHA, VA, or conventional financing. Whichever form of financing, we have it available.

  • Funding and Financing from acquisition to closing.

“We have worked with Gaslight Commercial Real Estate for the past 15 years. As we have grown and evolved, what I have valued most about our relationship is that Gaslight Commercial Real Estate know us and our business.”

Nigel Rawlinson • Senior Partner

A Large Staff

We have a large staff specializing in each area of home acquisition:

  • Purchasing

  • Rehabbing

  • Retail Sales To Customers

  • Title Work Closing Information

  • Funding Data



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Phone: (913) 291-1626
Email: Info@GaslightKCHomes.com
Web: GaslightKCHomes.com